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Nyra Tonko
2 April 1985
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Tiny, funny, wild and mild Spanish person. Big fan of things that worth it: LOTR, Harry Potter, Jane Austen's works, manganime and everything an outsider could consider "freaky". Never really understood why. Guest I can consider myself a bit atypical, or just freaky. I never met too many people who share my likes (so never seem to fit), what must confess is quite sad. Geek since my teens, and a positive person.

My own personal Utopia would consist of drawing and reading and writing the whole day, always with music at the background. Watching movies and eating cookies could be added at the equation :P I can't forget to mention my big and inexplicable love: UK. Gosh, I need to go there, and soon, and bring along an English boy. Maybe for a HP premiere? That'd be cool :D I spend the whole day singing, you know, a sign of my eternal state of happpiness.

So many others things to say... in the next episode!