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On the clouds... giggling

Ok, just had to say this.

Because this totally made my WEEK :)

I love this picture!! ^^

It's from Oclumencia, so all credits go for them.


Finally, THE day has come!

Today is THE day. The day when we will lose everything...

My friend and I are going to go watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1. Now we're obviously talking about it xD.

I'm really looking forward to watch some of the scenes, though I'd rather watch the original version, I need to listen Rupert's wonderful voice, hehe. Just a bit sad because next year will be the last one, the end of an era.

Guys, we're going to miss you.

P.S.: My friend and I are filling a contest to win Harry Potter merchandise. There is a question: in what object would you hide your horcrux? We came to a shocking conclusion: The One Ring was a horcrux!! It could only be destroyed by a powerful fire, it could corrupt somebody too close to it, and poor Gollum call it his treasure and tried to prevent it to be destroyed! Very dramatic ^^

Well, we have completely lost our minds by now, we need to watch that movie!!!

I'm leaving now, we're getting prepare to go. I'm so excited, yay!!! xD


Exams, arggg

Wow, I feel I could die today.

Exam period is a sad, sad state. Somebody was really angry and frustrated, restraining rage and determined to destroy the world. Well, that's how I feel at least. My day sucks. Terribly.

I'm facing a chaotic year. Next term is going to be deadly, I mean, I'm literally going to die. Which is sad, only 25 years old.

The only things that are cheering me up these days are the sixth season premiere of Bones, the premiere of the new Harry Potter movie, and some British movies I'm looking forward to watch, some of which obviously include Rupert Grint, who else. Though today I'm not in mood for any of this. Like poor Harry one day said: "I quit magic!" Ok, I'm quitting exams!

Which reminds me the new PPP video, as amazing as always. Harry has a thing with been killed with a hammer. Ups! And I'm following TJ Thyne on Twitter. Gosh, I love the guy.

Nothing else at this corner of the universe.

Still here


It's been a long time since my last post. My summer started and I went back home and, well, things are always a bit out of control in here. I'm studying for my September exams and trying to have fun and relax.

This Saturday, if weather allows it, I'm spending a week at Torremolinos, a touristic town of Malaga with what I hope to be a wonderful, wonderful beach. I need to see the sea. I'm going with my mother, so time to relax, read and walk. Quite appropriate to my mood right now. Then I'll be back for a couple of days before I leave to Granada for my exams.

This year could be my last as university student. It feels so weird. I've never clung so much to any period of my life like I'm doing with this. It will feel odd to do something else, or be somewhere else, to finish my student period and become a worker. I don't know why I'm saying all this. Maybe I've never been too keen on changes. 

On the other hand, there is a change in my live that I love. I couldn't tell you how much adorable you are, Alejandro, not with words. You're a gift.

I'm an aunt!!!!

Hello there, it's me again.

But today, half past an hour before, there was somebody else. My first nephew. He wasn't there before, had never existed in our lives, but now HE lives, and breaths, and is healthy and lovely. I was preparing my exams so I wasn't at home, I'm sooo dying to see him in person!!

Until then, hope God bless you through your whole life, and hope being one of the lucky people able to see it. We love you, Alejandro.

I'M AN AUNT!!!! For the first time. How old sounds that? :D WHOOHOOOOO!
Just arrived from an exam, ho-hey, great exam, supposed to last 4 hours and half, though my teacher apparently thought it'd be better just 2 hours and half. Woo, great, great exam. I WANT MY 2 OTHER HOURS BACK!! Obviously, it ended quite a crap, we did not have time enough.


Ok, relax, relaaax... Tomorrow I have another exam, and another on Thursday, and on Friday. They want to kill me. And not very softly. So what, I don't give a damn.

I keep reading, when I have some spare time, Ron and Hermione fanfics, my favs! My Youtube account must not even remember me, eons ago since last time I checked it.

I don't have anything else to say, just tired and angry and lazy, so I decided to stop by and say hello. Because I worth it.


Well, today I'm starting this new LJ. I hope to be more constant than I use to with other blogs or, ahem, Facebook and things like that.

It's so late, and I'd really like to write something else, but it's so late. I need to rest. Let's hope tomorrow I can find my muse and tell some story about me. Or about my muse :) It shouldn't be so difficult, I've almost finished reading LOTR (one more time, I'm taking Sir Christopher Lee's good habit of reading it once a year) and my muse will be satisfied and maybe feel generous and talk with me. Or maybe she will be walking through the woods of Laurelindorinan.

P.D.: It's hard to believe that while I'm here breathing and writing, many miles away they have finished filming HP. It's surreal and sad, oh my, I'm going to miss them :(

Ho ho, isn't this funny? This post was supposed to be upload when I wrote it, 3:05 a.m., when I was actually tired, but Firefox sometimes hates me, and finds out ways to punish me.


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